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In the News: Program puts Eyes on the Lake to spot invasives
July, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Eyes on the Lake initiative is like a neighborhood watch for invasive plants. "There are thousands of people on the water recreating every day and if they knew what to look for we could survey the lake all the time," said Jesse Patterson.

News: Inspectors stop quagga mussels from entering Tahoe
July, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
“The fact that this boat was predominantly cleaned, drained and dry, yet inspectors still found the mussel encrusted in mud on the anchor, is significant and proves that the rigorous Lake Tahoe watercraft inspection program is working,” said Dennis Zabaglo.
In the News: Scientists warn against aquarium dumping
July, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
“This prehistoric-looking, tropical fish may have died because it couldn’t survive the cold creek temperatures or didn’t have enough accessible food,” Allen said. “Either way, it highlights the continued lack of understanding of aquarium dumping at Lake Tahoe.”
Volunteers remove 2,260 pounds of trash from Tahoe beaches
July 7, 2014, League press release
Over 150 volunteers for the League to Save Lake Tahoe removed 2,260 pounds of trash from six of Tahoe’s most popular beaches on July 5, the day after tens of thousands of people flocked to the lake to enjoy the July 4th festivities. The debris represented almost 10 cubic yards, or a dump truck full, of trash. It included over 3,000 cigarette butts, 1,200 cans, 800 glass and plastic bottles, and 320 plastic bags.
Our Work: Reviewing area plans for environmental gain
The League's policy analysts are working hard on analyzing Tahoe's newest development plans and zoning ordinances to ensure they realize environmental gain such as coverage reduction, restoration of sensitive lands, and compliance with rules requiring environmental improvements to capture and filter stormwater runoff.
Volunteer: Eyes on the Lake
Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort. Please register today to receive information on upcoming training dates.
Help Keep Tahoe Blue: Ride the Trolley
Air pollution is a factor in Lake Tahoe's clarity loss. Help Keep Tahoe Blue by getting out of your car and walking, riding your bike, taking public transportation, or riding the Nifty Fifty Trolley, which leaves multiple times a day for Emerald Bay from the South Shore.
Join Us: New member-only sticker available
Donate $25 or more to become a member of the League, one of thousands supporting our advocacy, education, and collaboration efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue. This new sticker is available to members only and features a unique metallic shine with a retro border. A perfect way to improve your bling and help the lake!
Eyes on the Lake trainings
Jul 1, 2014 - Sep 30, 2014
Live at Lakeview
Jul 14, 2014 - Aug 31, 2014



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