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A long view on what the drought means for Tahoe
Mar 24, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Having grown up in Tahoe, during a drought year in my teens, I recall wading in front of Lakeland Village for what seemed like a mile to reach a point where we could dunk fully underwater. However,...
Study emphasizes importance of fighting invasive species at Lake Tahoe
Mar 20, 2015, South Tahoe Now
A newly released scientific study highlights the importance of collaborative work to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species at Lake Tahoe, and confirms what many public and private...
Citizen scientists making a difference in Tahoe
Mar 19, 2015, Lake Tahoe News
More data and faster results. That’s what happens when volunteers are used as citizen scientists. The League to Save Lake Tahoe in the last few years has been embracing this approach involving...
Lake Tahoe: Drought, climate change threatening winter, way of life at iconic landmark
Mar 17, 2015, San Jose Mercury News
TAHOE CITY -- There's something disconcerting about life at Lake Tahoe these days.It's still winter, but visitors are renting bikes instead of snowshoes and kayaks instead of skis. Come summer --...
New LTCC Class Will Provide Job Skills to Help Protect Lake Tahoe
Mar 13, 2015, League press release
The League to Save Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe Community College are offering a course, “Water Quality Monitoring of Streams and Lakes (GEG 107),” to provide students skills applicable for...
Students,researchers creating Tahoe smartphone app
Mar 10, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Lake Tahoe residents and visitors may soon be helping researchers gather regional information about the lake — and all with the click of a few buttons.The Tahoe Environmental Research Center is...
Study suggests quagga mussels could thrive at Tahoe
Mar 5, 2015, Reno Gazette-Journal
Quagga mussels could survive and reproduce in Lake Tahoe’s waters, particularly in places where a different aquatic invader is already present and where algae is flourishing in shallow waters, a...
2014 Annual Report
Mar 1, 2015
Lake Tahoe Research Provides New Insights on Global Change
Feb 24, 2015, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
A Scripps Institution of Oceanography-led study on how natural and man-made sources of nitrogen are recycled through the Lake Tahoe ecosystem provides new information on how global change may affect...
City may start charging for commercial stormwater inspections
Feb 4, 2015, South Tahoe Now
The City of South Lake Tahoe looked into charging fees for mandated stormwater inspections of commercial businesses during Tuesday's Council meeting.Since the City operates under a stormwater permit...
Scientists: Tiny Tahoe creatures dying at alarming rate
Jan 15, 2015, Reno Gazette-Journal
A first-of-its-kind circuit by scuba divers around Lake Tahoe is complete. Now, experts are seeking to understand worrying changes on the bottom of the landmark alpine lake.Members of the scuba team...
Heller Foundation gives $235,000 to League
Dec 9, 2014, League press release
The Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation has granted the League to Save Lake Tahoe $35,000 to support its land-use planning program, which ensures strong environmental regulation surrounding...
2014 Tahoe TMDL performance and findings reports
Dec 4, 2014, TDML managing agencies
Public agency staff report on the progress and findings of the Tahoe TMDL, a long-term plan to reduce pollutants flowing into the lake and restore clarity. Road sand is highlighted as a prime...
Pipe Keepers Palooza rings in 2014-15 storm season
Nov 30, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League hosted its first annual Pipe Keepers Palooza on November 18 to honor our returning pipe keeper volunteers and excite potential new keepers. We had a full house and were grateful to honor...
Report identifies road sand as a prime pollutant
Nov 24, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Road sand and dust are the primary sources of fine sediment in stormwater runoff flowing into Lake Tahoe, according to a recent report by agencies charged with implementing a program called the TMDL...
Vail grant supports League's education program
Nov 20, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The Heavenly and Kirkwood Giving Council of Vail Resorts Epic Grants has awarded the League to Save Lake Tahoe $3,000 to support the League’s new Curriculum Integration and Stewardship Program....
Tahoe residents: Northstar project is 'urban sprawl in the forest'
Nov 19, 2014, Reno Gazette-Journal
A proposal heralded a year ago as a milestone offering a major plus for the environment while allowing for limited residential development near a popular Sierra ski resort is the focus of increasing...
League founding officer brings early history of organization to light
Nov 8, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
It was nearly 60 years ago when Bill Evers was having dinner with his friend Jim McClatchy and they began discussing the worrying development trends at Lake Tahoe. Both had grown up spending their...
League welcomes new president
Oct 29, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The board of the League to Save Lake Tahoe has elected Ash Daggs as its new president, effective October 2014. Ash replaces Robert Damaschino, who has served on the board since 2007 and became...
League saddened by passing of Oscar de la Renta
Oct 21, 2014, League statement
The League's staff, board and benefit committee are deeply saddened by the passing of Oscar de la Renta. We extend our condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.  ...
Watershed summit engages high school students
Oct 8, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Dozens of high school students learned how to identify and map aquatic weeds and take water quality samples at the 3rd annual Tahoe Basin Watershed Education Summit in early October.  ...
Eyes on the Lake completes last training of the summer
Oct 3, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The second season is drawing to a close for the League's volunteer aquatic weed monitoring program Eyes on the Lake. Hundreds of surveys were completed this year, resulting in the discovery of three...
Volunteers shore up trails for Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day
Oct 3, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Despite a chilly fall drizzle, over 80 hardy volunteers flocked to Tahoe Paradise Park in Meyers on September 27 for our 17th annual Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day. Enthusiastic crews constructed 300...
2014 Fall Newsletter
Oct 3, 2014
League granted $2,000 to enhance volunteer programs
Sep 29, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The National Environmental Education Foundation and Toyota have granted the League to Save Lake Tahoe $2,000 to enhance several volunteer programs in 2015, including our annual Tahoe Forest...
$18,000 grant will boost Eyes on the Lake
Sep 25, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The Community Foundation of Western Nevada’s Truckee River Fund has granted the League to Save Lake Tahoe $18,000 to expand its Eyes on the Lake aquatic weed monitoring program to the Truckee...
Volunteers complete Tahoe Keys storm drain marking
Sep 19, 2014, League press release
Volunteers have completed marking all the storm drains in the Tahoe Keys neighborhood and marina with metal “No Dumping — Keep Tahoe Blue” signs. Over 40 volunteers with the League...
Volunteers mark 180 drains in Tahoe Keys with 'No Dumping' signs
Sep 12, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Volunteers marked the last two storm drains in the Tahoe Keys community and marina with metal “No Dumping” signs Friday, making it the first neighborhood at the lake to do so. ...
Volunteers remove 3,300 cigarette butts from Tahoe beach
Sep 4, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Several dozen volunteers for the League to Save Lake Tahoe removed 76 pounds (240 gallons) of trash from Lakeside Beach in South Lake Tahoe on Monday, a day after crowds gathered at the lake to enjoy...
Pulling for Lake Tahoe: Volunteer weeders improve six acres near Blackwood Creek
Aug 28, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League hosted an invasive weed pull at Blackwood Creek on Tahoe’s West Shore in August. The event was conducted in partnership with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District and US Forest...

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