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Nevada license plate sales fund Lake Tahoe environmental preservation projects
Apr 24, 2014, CarsonNow
Nine projects have been awarded grants through the 2014 Lake Tahoe License Plate program, which generated around $350,000 last year from the sale of special plates through the DMV. Grant recipients...
Tahoe road work focuses on water quality improvements
Apr 24, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
More than 20 miles of highway construction at Lake Tahoe will have motorists struggling to get around this summer. But by reducing stormwater pollution, it should mean water quality improvements for...
Scientists seek funding for runoff studies
Apr 24, 2014, The Record-Courier
In an ongoing effort to protect Lake Tahoe, scientists are developing an alternative way to trap stormwater runoff — although more funding is needed to complete the project. ...
Groups working to clarify stormwater
Apr 24, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
A League to Save Lake Tahoe forum on Thursday focused on what government agencies are doing to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution entering the lake, as well as what people can do to help. ...
Some still wary of Martis Valley land swap, development plan
Apr 24, 2014, Sierra Sun
TRUCKEE, Calif. — Locals are voicing environmental concerns over a project that developers and conservation groups say will be responsible for protecting thousands of acres of land in the heart...
Pipe Keepers forum draws crowd
Apr 24, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League’s first ever Pipe Keepers public forum on April 17 was a huge success, with a standing-room-only crowd of 80 people packed into the Blue Angel Café in South Lake Tahoe eager to...
Glenn Miller: Large-scale contamination of Lake Tahoe isn't acceptable
Apr 14, 2014, Reno Gazette-Journal
The following opinion piece first appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal on April 5, 2014, a few days after the Truxlers settled their lawsuit with the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, securing more...
Boat inspection fees increase, operation times change
Apr 11, 2014
Lake Tahoe, CA/NV— The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board has approved a fee update for the watercraft inspection program to help sustain boater services this summer. ...
Editorial: Protection of Lake Tahoe environment still priority
Apr 11, 2014, Reno Gazette-Journal
If history is any guide, Monday’s decision by a federal judge upholding the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s revised regional plan will not end the fight over future development at Lake...
Scientists: Consistent monitoring of Tahoe's nearshore critical
Apr 11, 2014, Sierra Sun
“There have been increases in complaints over the years from the public, even the scientists observe that things are changing anecdotally,” said Alan Heyvaert, a limnologist and acting...
Regional plan decision allows communities to move forward
Apr 7, 2014, League press release
The following is a statement by Darcie Goodman Collins, PhD, executive director, League to Save Lake Tahoe, regarding today’s decision by U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez upholding Tahoe...
Survey: Snowpack still far below normal
Apr 4, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
The results of a Tuesday snow survey showed snowpack levels still far below normal, despite the arrival of more than two feet of new snow in some South Shore areas. ...
Pipe Keepers Forum: Stormwater Demystified
Apr 3, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League to Save Lake Tahoe is inviting the public to its first Pipe Keepers Public Forum on April 17 at the Blue Angel Café in South Lake Tahoe, featuring five regional experts who will...
Monitoring plan aims to protect Tahoe's shoreline
Mar 29, 2014, Reno Gazette-Journal
Experts are initiating an expanded monitoring program to study problems in the shallow waters of Lake Tahoe and, by next year, will be conducting targeted investigations of so-called “hot spots...
2013 Annual Report
Mar 26, 2014
League monitoring Meyers, Tahoe Valley area plans closely
Mar 26, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League is closely monitoring area plans currently under review, attending all community meetings and advocating for the best environmental policies possible to be included in each plan. ...
Cycle through wine country to support Keeping Tahoe Blue
Mar 25, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The League to Save Lake Tahoe is looking for cyclists to join their Climate Ride California team to cycle through wine country May 17-20, 2014. Riders will help raise awareness of climate change,...
BMPs, coverage transfers, focus of TRPA subcommittees
Mar 20, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
One Tahoe Regional Planning Agency subcommittee is looking for ways to get more people to implement best management practices on their properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin, in hopes of improving average...
River otters still living in South Lake
Mar 19, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Two river otters, a species thought by many to be absent in Lake Tahoe, have been spotted near the Tahoe Keys community in the South Shore. South Lake Tahoe resident Bettina McIntyre said she...
Tahoe Conservancy revisiting asset lands program
Mar 17, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Seventeen lots owned by California Tahoe Conservancy would be marked for potential sale or transfer under proposed asset lands program changes its board of directors consider Thursday. ...
Lake Tahoe's clarity stabilizing, summer readings getting worse
Mar 14, 2014, Source: UC Davis press release and League staff
Lake Tahoe's average annual clarity level for 2013 was 70.1 feet, five feet worse than the previous year, but consistent with a decade-long trend of stabilization, according to data released by...
Forest Service plans to require food storage to deter bears
Mar 7, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
South Lake Tahoe, Calif., – The U.S. Forest Service is seeking input on a proposal to prepare an Environmental Assessment and issue a Forest Order to require proper food and...
TRPA residential allocations under review
Mar 7, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency allocated 129 new residential units to local jurisdictions at its Feb. 26 Governing Board meeting. But a plan on how to award such development rights in the future...
TRPA opens online market for development rights
Feb 24, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is launching what it hopes will become a thriving online marketplace for people to more easily advertise, buy and sell transferrable development rights in the Lake Tahoe...
Q&A: Why not tap Lake Tahoe?
Feb 24, 2014, Sacramento Bee
The real obstacles are not engineering. First of all, Lake Tahoe’s only natural outlet, the Truckee River, carries water into Nevada, not California, where it terminates at Pyramid Lake. This...
Why the Lake Tahoe silhouette is everywhere
Feb 21, 2014, Moonshine Ink
The profile of Lake Tahoe is not a particularly attractive shape. It’s somewhere between a head of broccoli and a left footprint with a little tag hanging off the bottom left side. Yet the...
League keeping close watch on airport master plan
Feb 21, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Over 100 people crammed into City Council Chambers on February 13 for the first meeting on the South Lake Tahoe Airport’s new master plan. Attendees included those concerned about environmental...
Spearing trash from the bottom of Lake Tahoe
Feb 14, 2014, Sierra Sun
Taking advantage of the warm January weather recently, my husband and I were inspired to take our canoe out on the pristine east shore of Lake Tahoe. As we paddled onto the beach, we saw a reflecti...
Limnologist explains threats to ecology of Lake Tahoe
Feb 14, 2014, Pucci Foods Blog
Lake Tahoe is one of California’s greatest natural treasures. It is a beauty to behold, with forested mountains surrounding the deep blue shimmering surface. It is famous for many recreational...
U.S. Senate to review Lake Tahoe restoration funds
Feb 7, 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
A measure to advance environmental restoration and forest management activities in the Lake Tahoe Basin yesterday passed out of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The legislation...

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