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Scientists: Super storms could dampen Lake Tahoe's future
Feb 6, 2013, Sierra Sun
INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Picture the Lake Tahoe basin in a deluge of rain. Weeks of downpouring and melting snowpacks. Landslides render highways and roads impassable. No lights, no water, no...
Astronaut tweets Tahoe from space
Feb 2, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Turns out one of the best views of Lake Tahoe isn't actually at Lake Tahoe.Case in point: Astronaut Thomas Marshburn's recent shot of the Jewel of the Sierra from the International Space Station.The ...
Lawmakers again likely to take up future of Lake Tahoe compact, potential of Nevada pull-out
Feb 2, 2013, Reno Gazette Journal
Nevada’s role in the two-state pact forged decades ago to protect Lake Tahoe will be up for discussion again by the 2013 Legislature, with interests on all sides of the debate describing the...
Editorial: Plastic-bag ban makes sense for our city
Jan 31, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
It has been said that Tahoe is an environmentally conscious community, but the City Council failed to live up to that reputation when it declined to vote on a plastic-bag ban at its Jan. 22 meeting....
Sierra snowpack below average after dry January
Jan 30, 2013, Sierra Sun
Almost every year since 1987, Chief of the California Cooperative Snow Survey Frank Gehrke has recorded a mid-winter lull during which fewer storms hit the Sierra Nevada. And 2013 was no exception...
Truckee's mandatory water vessel inspection program starts in May
Jan 29, 2013, Sacramento Bee
Watercraft inspections for aquatic invasive species will begin in May at Donner Lake and other waterways within Truckee town limits.According to an ordinance recently passed by town officials,...
Action Alert: Help South Lake Tahoe jump on the bag-wagon
Jan 25, 2013, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Plastic bags pollute our waterways and kill wildlife. Now they are history in hundreds of communities around the nation. You can help South Lake Tahoe to do the same by encouraging our City Council to...
Crawfish concerns: Tahoe Lobster Co., anglers meet to discuss harvest
Jan 25, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Representatives of the Tahoe Lobster Co. met Thursday with several South Shore anglers to discuss concerns that the crawfish harvest will negatively impact fishing in Tahoe.Tahoe Lobster Co., the...
New Lake Tahoe boating fee structure OK'd
Jan 25, 2013, Sierra Sun
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency this week approved a slightly modified fee schedule for its 2013 boat inspection. The agency's Governing Board approved the fee schedule and new operating hours at...
State Parks revises golf course plan
Jan 25, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Only five holes of Lake Tahoe Golf Course would move across the Upper Truckee River under a new proposal for a California State Parks restoration project.The agency has released a revised map for...
Can Lake Tahoe stay blue - and get smart?
Jan 24, 2013, Outside Magazine
Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that an expansion plan for Homewood Mountain Resort on the shores of Lake Tahoe would not be allowed to move forward without further considering a scaled...
South Lake Tahoe City Council balks at plastic bag ban
Jan 22, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
South Lake Tahoe will likely not be among the growing number of cities hoping to reduce the usage of disposable plastic bags. Each of the three city council members at Tuesday's meeting voiced...
Overturn SB271 so Tahoe's communities can move forward
Jan 21, 2013, Reno Gazette-Journal
This piece first appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal.Growing up in Tahoe was idealistic. I spent my summer days on the lake and winter afternoons on the slopes. As I grew older, I grew to understand...
Lake Tahoe boating fee discussion this week, changes possible
Jan 21, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Lake Tahoe boaters aren't likely to see additional fees in 2013 for required inspections for invasive species, but could see shorter hours of operation at area inspection stations.The Tahoe Regional...
Bear aversion study under way at Lake Tahoe
Jan 16, 2013, Lake Tahoe News
Bears are smart animals. They learn where easy food is, but they can also learn they aren’t wanted in houses, dumpsters or vehicles. ...
After years of discord, California and Nevada agree on Tahoe development
Jan 13, 2013, The New York Times
Lake Tahoe can be as smooth as glass, but the politics of land-use planning along the lake’s 72-mile shoreline are some of the most contentious and muddled in the country.“We’re very...
Storms brew over crawfish
Jan 12, 2013, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Tahoe Lobster Co., the first commercial fishing operation to come to Lake Tahoe since the 1930s, drew national attention, but it's also worried some regional outfitters who say fish like the trout and...
Climate change threatens Tahoe's snow levels, lake clarity
Jan 12, 2013, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Climate change could profoundly affect the Tahoe area, scientists say, taking the snow out of the mountains and the blue out of the water. ...
Asian clam control project takes shape in Emerald Bay
Jan 11, 2013, Keep Tahoe Blue News
This story first appeared in the League's Fall 2012 newsletter.Asian clams have taken hold at the mouth of Lake Tahoe’s picturesque Emerald Bay, and a team from the Lake Tahoe Aquatic...
Tahoe emerges from the time capsule
Jan 11, 2013, Moonshine Ink
Tahoe’s new regional plan can be viewed many ways — an act of self-preservation, a pendulum swing in planning, a plea for private investment. But what it seeks to do is indisputable &mdash...
The evolution of a Regional Plan Update
Jan 11, 2013, Keep Tahoe Blue News
This story first appeared in the League's Fall 2012 newsletter.Regional planning is likely high on your list of significant activities, especially if you are the outdoorsy type who can’t wait to...
Guest Column: Moving forward after the Regional Plan Update
Jan 11, 2013, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
This piece originally appeared in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza.LAKE TAHOE — Growing up in Tahoe was idealistic. I spent my summer days on the lake and winter afternoons on the slopes, gazing at...
Scientist: Consumers have role in climate change; forecast for Tahoe bleak because of less snow
Jan 11, 2013, Lake Tahoe News
STATELINE – While China was the No. 1 fossil fuel emitting country in 2011, what is missing from most conversations is who is consuming all the goods that country is producing. ...
Judge blocks expansion at Tahoe's Homewood ski resort
Jan 8, 2013, Sacramento Bee
A dramatic expansion of a ski resort in the community of Homewood on Lake Tahoe's west shore has been blocked by a Sacramento federal judge. ...
Ski with a ranger at Heavenly Mountain Resort
Jan 8, 2013, Keep Tahoe Blue News
South Lake Tahoe, Calif. --The U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit invites you to Ski with a Ranger at Heavenly Mountain Resort.  Ski with a Ranger interpretive tours begin...
Tahoe in Depth
Jan 6, 2013, TRPA, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife, Nevada State Lands
TRPA has delivered its new environmental journal to mailboxes throughout Tahoe.Read the first issue.
Huge brown trout pulled from lake
Jan 6, 2013, San Francisco Chronicle
One of the biggest brown trout in history at Lake Tahoe, just 5 ounces from the lake record, was landed last weekend amid a proliferation of giant fish at the south end of the lake.A month ago,...
State changes plans for golf course
Jan 1, 2013, Tahoe Mountain News
California State Parks has released layout for the Washoe Meadows State Park/Lake Tahoe Golf Course project. Cyndie Walck, engineering geologist for the California Department of Parks and Recreation...
New Lake Tahoe plan to allow higher density development
Dec 26, 2012, Los Angeles Times
Lake Tahoe towns will grow taller and denser under a new regional plan that supporters hope will quell a rebellion by Nevada against land use regulations that have restricted development in the basin....
TRPA expands Lake Tahoe crawfish harvest
Dec 21, 2012, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
As many as seven commercial crawfish harvesting operations could be up and running at Lake Tahoe in 2013.The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency approved permits for four crawfish harvesting start-ups at a...

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