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2015 State of the Lake
Jul 23, 2015, UC Davis | Tahoe Environmental Research Center
UC Davis researchers released their annual State of the Lake report, highlighting results from multiple monitoring programs. This year's report provides new insights into why Tahoe's waters are so...
Eyes on the Lake trains at Tahoe Keys
Jul 17, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Twenty sets of eyes were trained to identify aquatic invasive species Wednesday night during a League to Save Lake Tahoe training exercise at the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association Pavilion.League...
Lawmakers introduce 4th rendition of $415 million bill to revitalize Lake Tahoe
Jul 13, 2015, Sierra Sun
Federal lawmakers will once again introduce legislation in an attempt to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental relief funds for Lake Tahoe.In a bipartisan effort, Nevada’s...
Brewmaster captures rare water spout on Lake Tahoe
Jul 9, 2015, San Francisco Chronicle
Lake Tahoe was treated to a rare weather occurrence Wednesday night as a water spout formed along the west shore of the lake.The water spout, essentially a very weak tornado over water, formed near...
Congress Introduces Lake Tahoe Restoration Act of 2015
Jul 9, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-Nevada), in cooperation with Harry Reid (D-Nevada), Dianne Feinstein (D-California), and Barbara Boxer (D-California), has introduced the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act of 2015...
Volunteers converge on Lake Tahoe for cleanup
Jul 6, 2015, & KRNV
Nearly three hundred volunteers stormed Lake Tahoe’s beaches on Sunday morning to remove trash left behind from July Fourth festivities. Although world-famous for its clear water and alpine...
Turnout for Cleanups Demonstrates Visitors and Residents Take Care of Lake Tahoe
Jul 6, 2015, League press release
Three hundred twenty-three volunteers stormed Lake Tahoe’s beaches on Sunday morning to remove trash left behind from July Fourth festivities.* Although world-famous for its clear water and...
Cleaning Lake Tahoe After the Fourth of July
Jul 5, 2015, KTVN-TV Channel 2 Reno
Hundreds of volunteers took part in a large scale cleanup on Lake Tahoe’s beaches Sunday morning. In an effort to keep Tahoe blue, the League to Save Lake Tahoe hosts the area's largest beach...
Volunteers called upon to save lake
Jul 2, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
A group working to eradicate or at least help control populations of invasive plants is on the move to recruit beach goers in their quest to identify affected areas in Lake Tahoe.Eyes on the Lake, a...
North Shore Partnerships to Protect Tahoe
Jul 1, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
One of the League’s primary approaches to protecting Lake Tahoe is to educate and engage the public in creative ways, which is why we’re so excited about a new partnership to host a four...
Volunteers sought to clean trashed Tahoe beaches after Fourth of July
Jun 27, 2015, Sierra Sun
LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — As thousands of visitors look to ring in the Fourth of July at Lake Tahoe, hundreds of volunteers will hit area beaches on Sunday, July 5, from 8:30 a.m. to noon to remove...
League kicks off summer with new education center
Jun 23, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Fun, sun and education kicked off the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s summer as 150 people celebrated at the grand re-opening of its education center on Friday.The Summer Kickoff celebration...
Conservancy funds summer invasive plant projects
Jun 22, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
The California Tahoe Conservation (CTC) Board of Directors approved $200,000 in funding for aquatic invasive plant species removal projects at its meeting Thursday.Planned projects will be conducted...
Braddock Foundation Gives $10,000 to League
Jun 2, 2015, League press release
The Robert and Lois C. Braddock Charitable Foundation has granted the League to Save Lake Tahoe $10,000 to support its land-use planning program, which ensures strong environmental standards...
League to Launch Revamped Education Center in South Tahoe
Jun 1, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
On June 19, the League invites the public to our Summer Kickoff party, featuring the grand re-opening of our Fritzi & David Huntington Environmental Education Center in South Lake Tahoe. Featuring...
Volunteer Profile: Casey Metkovich
May 29, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
In this month’s volunteer profile, we salute a SoCal native who has become a familiar face at League events while launching a successful business renting and selling electric bikes here in Tahoe...
Forum outlines invasive species problems, solutions
May 27, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
An informational campaign launched for the fifth time Thursday to combat the aquatic invasive species infesting the Tahoe-Truckee watershed.Experts gathered at the Lake Tahoe Golf Course to touch on...
Tackling Invasives with Tahoe's Marinas
May 20, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Lake Tahoe’s marinas are at the frontlines of the fight against aquatic invasive species. Much like Tahoe’s boat inspection program, marina staff play a critical role as the last set of...
Picture this
May 19, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
More than 100 people scoured the South Shore’s streambeds to assess water quality during the 15th annual Snapshot Day on Saturday.The event was part of a multi-front effort to gather water...
Bijou class takes environmental approach
May 12, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
A group of Bijou Elementary second-graders have taken environmental improvements around their school into their own hands with a series of projects.On Tuesday, students from Marisa Lopez-Green’s...
Citizen Science: 15th Annual Snapshot Day Tracks Health of Tahoe Watershed
May 7, 2015, League press release
More than a hundred trained volunteers will continue a 15 year tradition with a one-day hands-on effort to capture a snapshot of the health of Lake Tahoe’s watershed on May 16 at Lake Tahoe...
Agencies see benefit, need of LTCC class
May 2, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
A Lake Tahoe Community College course and upcoming degree program may helpfill a gap at a local level for environmental training, something its instructor said was the goal.Jesse Patterson, deputy...
LTCC Class localizes water issues
May 2, 2015, Tahoe Daily Tribune
A water quality monitoring course being taught at Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) may have a ripple effect, according to its instructor.Jesse Patterson, deputy director of the League to Save Lake...
Announcing our first ever volunteer Pipe Keepers logo design competition
May 1, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Our Pipe Keepers logo needs a new look. Who better to help us design that look than the very people who are getting out there and helping us to Keep Tahoe Blue -- you -- our Pipe Keepers and...
Protecting the lake, benefiting the community
Apr 30, 2015, Lake Tahoe News
As the city of South Lake Tahoe turns 50 this year, I have been contemplating the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s relationship with the city. As many people are aware, we have not always had the...
Extraordinary Earth Month Engagement
Apr 30, 2015, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Keep Tahoe Blue volunteers were out in full force during Earth Month: picking up hundreds of pounds of trash and engaging hundreds of people at Earth Day events. Keep Tahoe Blue Volunteers Haul...
South Lake Tahoe Earth Day
Apr 27, 2015, Lake Tahoe News Line
Watch the report by Lake Tahoe News Line on South Lake Tahoe Earth Day, featuring an interview with Marilee Movius, the League's community engagement manager. Watch the report now. 
Litter Visible in Tahoe Because of Low Water Levels
Apr 24, 2015, KGO 810 am News
(KGO) - The water level at Lake Tahoe is far below normal because of the drought, and the new view of the muddy shoreline is revealing lots of trash that was previously covered by the water.Marilee...
Low water levels reveal Lake Tahoe's hidden trash
Apr 24, 2015, San Francisco Chronicle
RENO, Nev. (AP) — Broken bottles, rusted cans and jagged pieces of metal now cover Lake Tahoe's drought-plagued shores.KOLO-TV of Reno reports ( ) that Lake Tahoe's water...
Low Water Reveals Decades Old Tahoe Trash
Apr 23, 2015, KOLO-TV Channel 8 Reno
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif.--Lake Tahoe has been below its natural rim for 6 months now. For all intents and purposes this is a bad thing, but it's allowing for something positive to happen -- trash...

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